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Any number of incidents can take out your ability to communicate. Yet any business can insure that they maintain communications between key employees and with key customers and suppliers when other communications fail. Maintaining the ability to communicate means that your business continues to function and that means that your employees and customers will be better served. Every 'at risk' business should have, as a minimum, some satellite communications that will work independent of terrestrial infrastructure that is so often the first to fail in a serious emergency.


Determine what minimal communications are required to carry your business through the short term of a temporary communications outage and prepare for that. Over the past years we have experienced any number of disaster scenarios that deprived wide areas of communications for several weeks.  Ask yourself who needs to communicate? Can you 'make do' with simple communications between a CEO and the critical departments during the emergency? Are there critical employees that you must be able to reach when communications have failed? How critical is it that you have data and email capabilities available during the emergency? How much data can you get by with? Keep in mind that the more conservative your communications planning, the less you will be investing. We advise our clients to be aware of the fact that most communications will be restored within a few days or weeks in all but the catastrophic disaster.


Once you have your back up communications in place, conduct regularly scheduled training exercises so that you and your employees will be able to utilize your systems should an actual emergency occur. SkyBase will offer some suggestions that many of our other clients utilize.

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