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Government agencies represent the largest segment of SkyBase Communications customer base. Essential Support Function (ESF) Agencies with specific incident command duties simply must have a communications solution that works when all else fails. Our satellite solutions have been proven in numerous disaster response and mitigation efforts. Our nation-leading satellite network in Florida has been tested again in situations ranging from hurricanes to oil spills as well as remote search and rescue operations. We developed systems that have been put to use by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the desert of Nevada, in exercises such as TOPOFF 3 in Connecticut, tornado recovery operations in Georgia, and numerous other real life situations. Our equipment has been deployed to many states by mutual aid responders. SkyBase provides systems ranging from personal hand-held satellite phones to data/voice/video systems that support an entire base camp.
SkyBase Communications specializes in satellite communications. Our team is available to our customers on a round-the-clock basis. Our customers never have a problem reaching us as we have no complicated "phone tree" that wastes precious time when you are dealing with an emergency.

Plan and Prepare

Determine what minimal communications are required to carry your agency through the short term of a temporary communications outage and prepare for that. Who needs to communicate? Can you 'make do' with simple communications between key responders and other members of your team during the emergency? How are other ESF agencies  and personnel equipped and how critical is it that you have a system that is interoperable with theirs? SkyBase specializes in interoperable networks. How critical is it that you have data and email capabilities available during the emergency? How much data can you get by with? Keep in mind that the more conservative your communications planning, the less you will be investing. We advise our clients to be aware of the fact that most communications will be restored within a few days or weeks in all but the catastrophic disaster. Develop a plan and start building your network as budgets and grants allow. Many of our agencies began with limited satellite systems and expanded over time to the point that they are extremely efficient in the response and recovery duties regardless of the availability of terrestrial communications.


Most of our government agencies have a regular training and exercise regimen. The problem that we most consistently confront is that of a new or untrained user of the equipment. We strongly suggest making the training of new users of your existing equipment standard operating procedure. The other problem we sometimes experience is when a user has allowed their satellite service to expire and they find themselves without operating equipment when it's most needed. We can get equipment re-activated, but it's extremely more of a task once an emergency has occurred and systems tend to get very busy. SkyBase will assist you with your training efforts long after you have purchased your gear.


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