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MSAT G2 PSTN Interface

MSAT G2 PSTN Interface

The MSAT-PSTN Interface enables MSAT-G2 radio operators to access MSAT voice and PTT service functions via an analog telephone. When using a cordless analog phone, the interface extends satellite phone coverage throughout buildings. The device also facilitates integration of the MSAT-G2 radio into a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. Now organizations can easily incorporate MSAT services into their office telephone networks, ensuring reliable back-up capability when it is needed the most.



  • Power/Size:
    • Voltage: 11V. 18V DC (Voltage obtained from the MSAT-G2 radio when interfaced with the included 12" RJ-45 CAT-5 cable)
    • Current: 200mA DC @ +12V/DC
    • Temperature: . -4 o F to 104 o F (-20 o C to 40 o C)
    • Size: 136.525mm deep x 168.275mm width x 25.4mm high: 5-3/8" deep x 6-5/8" width x 1" high
    • Weight: 226 grams: 8 ounces
  • I/O Characteristics:
    • RJ-45 Radio Connector: 12" jumper between the MSAT-G2 radio and MSAT-PSTN unit
    • RJ-45 Handset Connector: Connects the MSAT-G2's handset to the PSTN for dual use between the handset and the MSAT-PSTN interface
    • RJ-11 FXS Connector: Connects a standard analog 2-wire telephone to the MSAT-PSTN interface for FXS initiated calls
  • FXS Specifications:
    • Ringing Capability: 3.0 km with a REN loading of 3: 5.0 km with a REN loading of 1
    • Ringer Equivalency (REN): 3
    • Drive capability: 3.0 km into 800ohm (including telephone)

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