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Quiet, Portable power for base camps, tent cities, or any other location where power is a challenge. This system will go from the vehicle to the site and deploy in seconds. You can begin charging and operating devices, as soon as you open the case and flip the main power.

This system contains 36Ah of SLA battery power, it contains 4 DC outlets that come with adapters for 8 USB charging connections, and a 450 watt inverter for those AC powered devices.

With that kind of power, you can power laptops, charge smartphones, charge tablets, charge two-way radio batteries, run lights, and the list goes on......

The system will recharge from AC (standard wall outlet), DC (power plug in the vehicle), or the Standard Solar system that is included.

The system will charge off of the AC (standard wall outlet) in about 5 hours, the DC (power plug in the vehicle) in about 5 hours with the vehicle running, or the Standard 80W Solar system if about 10-18 hours with optimal sunlight.

We offer an optional 120W Solar system, which will reduce charge time and increase productivity. We can daisy chain multiple solar sets, if you have a heavy power requirement. Just ask about custom configurations for these systems.

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