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SkyBAND Satellite Data Connectivity

SkyBAND Satellite Data Connectivity

The SkyBand Satellite Network


Fully Redundant. Always Available

The SkyBand Satellite Network utilizes multiple satellites served by multiple teleports for­protection against:

·­­­­­­­­ Buildings and other obstacles blocking line-of-sight to the primary satellite

·­­­­­­­­ Regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions

·­­­­­­­­ Fiber cuts and other utility disturbances in the vicinity of the teleport

·­­­­­­­­ Equipment failure of any satellite components - spacecraft, antenna, teleport, etc.

When it comes to­­reliability and availability­­our customers expect look angle diversity and protection against regional disasters and infrastructure disruptions. In the event of a partial or complete failure of the spacecraft, antenna, teleport infrastructure, or other ground equipment, we are prepared to restore service in moments to an alternate ground facility or satellite. In addition, Select offers full IP address portability between the satellites and teleport with a simple repoint of your satellite antenna. This modern satellite network delivers higher speeds, increased reliability and significantly improved Quality of Service (QoS) features.





World-Class Ground Facilities and Network Infrastructure

This service is provided by a­­Tier-1 ISP with multiple Tier-1 Internet connections ­and fully meshed, redundant routing and switching infrastructure. Our ground stations use 9 meters or larger antennas with powerful redundant amplifiers and automated uplink power control to maximize network availability and minimize equipment size requirements at the remote. These gated facilities have 24x7 video surveillance and access control staffed with trained RF and facilities engineers on-site 24x7x365. With fully redundant RF equipment, power distribution, and fiber connectivity as well as redundant satellite hub equipment with full spares; our customers know they can depend on a truly commercial grade network.


Service plans range from 3Mbps Down X 1 Mbps Up all the way to 20Mbps Down X 5Mbps Up. Our plans are suited for the Emergency Responder community, the Law Enforcement Community, and the Commercial response market.­

We include the RedPhone as part of our SkyBAND network, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! (click here for more information)

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