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The RedPhone Network

The RedPhone Network

­The Red Phone


The Red Phone is a propriety, one of a kind, voice network that allows 5 digit dialing from one Red Phone to another Red Phone. This communication is an off-the-grid voice service creating the ability to complete site-to-site calls, whether mobile-to-mobile or mobile to EOC brick and mortar, without the presence of either the Internet or the phone company (PSTN).

In the event of an Internet outage, a phone company outage, a Wireless Phone outage, or other public communication system failure, the Red Phone will remain a viable method of communication. This service doesn’t require or use the Internet or the Phone Company to communicate. This communication solution remains on the secure, private, satellite network.

The Red Phone has amazing mobility. Anywhere the system will connect to the Satellite, the Red Phone can be used. For example, if the antenna system is deployed in Florida, the Red Phone will connect to the system and allow communications with any other Red Phones on the network, regardless of their geographical location. The same system could be deployed in Texas, or anywhere else in North America for that matter, and would allow the same communication capability. This provides a direct private communication link between fixed EOCs, remote or temporary facilities, and mobile command centers.

The Red Phone allows for communications across and among Responders, Municipalities, Counties, States, and the Americas on the network.

The Red Phone brings a new, interoperable communications platform to the emergency response community.


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