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SkyPBX Deployable Phone System

SkyPBX Deployable Phone System

Deployable VoIP Phone System

The SkyPBX appliance is designed to bring enterprise-grade voice in a deployable package. The system uses VoIP technology, which removes the need for the phone company. It simply requires AC power and an Internet connection. Extension numbers show on the phone display and each extension has its own voicemail. The phones can be deployed 300ft from the base unit, simply using CAT5e or CAT6 cable. The power for the extensions is supplied via the CAT5e or CAT6 cable, so they don’t need AC power where the extension is deployed.


•Portable and Lightweight
•Phones when and where you need them
•Sets up in minutes
•Runs on standard AC power
–AC outlet in a facility
–AC outlet in a Mobile Command Center
–AC outlet on a generator
–AC outlet on an inverter (DC to AC)
•Single CAT5 per extension phone
•From 1 to 24 extensions on a single system
•POE Network switch for phones and computer access
•Works on virtually any internet connection:
–Satellite Data
–Cellular Data
–DSL, Cable Internet
•Connects via:
–Wi-Fi (Optional component)
•No installation or mounting required

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