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9575PTT HQ Dock - Fixed Site - Base Station Dock

9575PTT HQ Dock - Fixed Site - Base Station Dock

9575PTT HQ Dock

The HQDock works with the Iridium 9575PTT phones (Handsets). The HQDock is specifically and purpose-built for first responder teams for natural and man-made disasters. The HQDock also eliminates the need for using the Iridium charging accessory that attaches to the base of the phone/handset. It enhances the phone in many ways: 1.) Provides an AC connection, which can run off a standard wall outlet, a generator outlet, or a UPS. 2.) Improves the audio by shipping ¬≠with a Palm Mic (Microphone speaker)—sometimes referred to a “Fist Mic.”, which is included with the HQDock - designed to enhance the effectiveness of your PTT communication. 3.) It allows you to use a Satellite PTT service inside your facility. There is an external antenna, which mounts on the roof of a building or mobile command center. The handset, when placed in the dock, will use the external power, antenna, and microphone, thus allowing you to use satellite PTT inside your facility or mobile command center.

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